Gesture Based Digital Notice Board

This project comprises of a human recognition technique and gesture recognition technique. Through this project I aim at placing a notice to a centralized or either distributed server and display it on a notice board with a sense of gesture as an added flavor. The heart of this project is in the inter-process communication through Linux Kernel between master (32 bit Dual Core) and slave (8 bit) processor. The master processor handles the request and response task from / to the http server using phantomJS. The http server in turn contacts to a MyISAM engine which is at a remote site. And the work of slave is to sense the gesture or human check it and pass the result to master processor. The inter-process communication protocol I have used is USB. The motive behind using the USB was it a easy plug n play and a well recognized standard protocol.

Data Communication
Gesture Based Digital Notice Board (Communication Protocol)

The working of this project as follows. When a human comes near the board, the human recognition mechanism checks the presence and gives response to the slave processor. The slave processor in turn gives out the command to master to fetch the notices from the remote database system and save them into its cache. After the notices get into cache the digital board gives out command to the user to step back a foot. Now the user can change the notices on the screen by switching back and forth between the notices just by waving his hands left or right. The notice board administrator can delete, customise, put more notices remotely, without being on the site.

Data Flow
Gesture Based Digital Notice Board (Data Flow)

As a future advancement, the slave processor capabilities can be enhanced and more gestures can be developed for the ease of users. This project can be planted at railway station, airports, bus stands, schools, offices etc..

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