Condition as a “Service” at Falkonry

Predictions are something we like and are present everywhere in our life. But, have you dreamt of someone notifying/predicting about your vehicle/machine/appliance going bad in next 2 days ? Or, if someone tells pilot to perform immediate landing because of a fan failure which is likely to occur in next 30 minutes ? Or, how would you feel if anyone predicts whether your automobile design is going to meet the production or not ? Not just that, how if anyone tells you the optimum solution to any mathematical problem ? Or, how if you can teach your home appliances to play music for you and serve an ice-cream whenever you are sad. Sounds like a big WOW, isn’t it !

There is someone on this planet, who is constantly thinking and working hard to make this dream come true – it’s Falkonry. Now it’s been more than two years we started with a dream to provide a platform to the industry for predictive analytics and machine learning which could lead to an “Industrial Revolution”. Falkonry, a place where we young Falkoners with innovative minds create our Falkons to analyse, predict and notify about a condition you desire for whether it’s design time or runtime. Our Falkons are – “Predictors” which are intelligent, reliable, customisable and understandable. They learn from your data and act upon your teaching.

At Falkonry, we are focused on sourcing a plug and play support for any kind of industry/organisation/IoT service, to create sense out of your data and analyse the condition to predict the behaviour. This could make life of many data scientists, developers, scholars and designers a much easier. We are rolling out fast to be live and open up for new support to serve for more customers soon. Sit tight, to enjoy the journey which can lead to a smarter, automated and a tightly connected intelligent ecosystem. If, this sounds interesting and excites you contact at or watch us at

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