Cachey is a node js module that can be use for the application which needs an in-memory database support. This module exposes APIs for reading, writing, updating, deleting and searching the data into the database. NOTE : Currently into development. GitHub –

Smart Way of Generating Forms and Handling Database

This project talks about a way to automate the procedure for creating html forms, connecting them with database and visualizing them. It aimed at developing an environment where a non-technical person can generate html forms automatically along with the backend coding and handle the database. The project also aimed at connecting a remote database in a bit different …read in detail

Phago Notes

An easy, portable, platform independent software which runs without installation and much efficiently on almost every operating system. This is an utility application which works on concept of cloud computing. Easy saving of your data and get access to it from any corner of the world. Application also uses an encryption while storing data on …read in detail