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Programming makes me Alive !

Starting my technical learning and execution in early age, led me to a techie geek. My only interest is to work on more and more technologies and explore them for making an innovative package. I have worked on good bunch of technologies ranging from software to hardware including industrial product development, big data and OS.

In my past career as freelancer, strengthened by abilities for product designing, managing team, harder coding and solving problems. I have a kind of experimentive behaviour where I execute and learn. Currently, I’m working with Falkonry Inc. (headquarters at Silicon Valley, CA). At Falkonry we are working on Machine Intelligence for IoT (Internet of Things) and to develop a Analytical Technology for Solving Harder Problems by Predictive Analytics.

Besides, my core field I have my own NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) with name Udaipur Talents, which works with Talents across many fields. There are two social causes which elaborate UT are; promoting and sharing profiles of the individuals who have some extra-ordinary skills and to help poor children in availing education by donating against their annual school fees.

As a hobby, I like to plan strategies, explore cities and help students and professionals in solving their problems as it all came from my nature as a freelancer. I have been a project guide for over 100+ students and helped a few research scholars in their prototype implementation for the thesis.

I would like to hear back from you and open to any engineering question. I’m reachable via many social channels. Read more about my projects on LinkedIn.

Interested areas : Software Architecture, Product Engineering, Big Data Management, Embedded System Engineering and Integrating digital ecosystem.

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