RF Controller

This project holds a common controller to control the 7 different gadgets / consumer electronic items, electrical items from a wide rage of 100 metres. This project has been developed on a frequency 433 MHz with a unique encoding technique. RF Controller Module This project is capable of withstanding the error correction and reliable switching …read in detail

Smart Way of Generating Forms and Handling Database

This project talks about a way to automate the procedure for creating html forms, connecting them with database and visualizing them. It aimed at developing an environment where a non-technical person can generate html forms automatically along with the backend coding and handle the database. The project also aimed at connecting a remote database in a bit different …read in detail

GSM Controller

This project is a GSM based controller to switch any electrical or electronic device on/off with your mobile phone. The device has the capability of saving upto 40 registered contacts and only those contacts can control the devices. This how authentication works. All the other non-registered users will not be entertained. The device is free …read in detail